Public Server Rules/Terms

Deerisle/Cherno Public Servers

General Server Rules/Terms
1.1) No Hacking/Cheating/Exploiting to gain an unfair advantage
1.2) PvP Gunfights/Grenade ONLY allowed in marked zones on the map (Red Circles)
1.3) No spamming game chat
1.4) Impersonating admins is prohibited
1.5) NO Combat Logging (5min) if in PvP zone
1.6) Using another account to bypass a previous server ban
1.7) Do not leave items behind in safezone you want to keep, including vehicles. It will be deleted!
1.8) Bases can only be raided if you have free entry into it (See Raiding Rules)
1.9) Stealing/Theft IS allowed on this server but with certain conditions [See Raiding/Stealing Rules]
1.10) No Loot cycling allowed
1.11) No stealing allowed within the safezone (General Trader)
1.12) You will get a warning when entering a PvP/Openfire zone
1.13) Should your character die due to a game glitch/or any event including animals, we cannot reimburse or compensate your items
1.14) No player character will be recovered by the admins in the event of death
1.15) Lost/Stolen/Damaged/Ruined Vehicles/Boats/Heli's will not be reimbursed/replaced/compensated
1.16) Traders may not sell or buy all items/vehicles, if its not available then you need to loot or list it yourself at the P2P trader
1.17) Respect All Players, and Admins
1.18) For support, please create-a-ticket
1.19) Players' dead bodies/loot (cross) will remain 60min on server
1.20) Admin support, while essential, may not always be instantly available, be honest in your ticket
1.21) Like any modded server, glitches may occur with mods that are out of our control
1.22) Purchases made from any traders, including P2P trader transactions, are done at your own risks
1.23) Server Economy is subject to change
1.24) Hand Combat is allowed outside PvP zones (excl SafeZone)
1.25) If your Steam account has an active VAC ban within the past year, you will not be granted access to the Respawned Servers. (No exceptions)
1.26) Offensive behavior in the form of: Harassment, Excessive profanity, Vulgarities, is prohibited. This expands on rule 1.17 - Please be respectful when encountering other players
1.27) Black and Grey Market Trader areas will be an open fire zone between 12:00 (noon) and 24:00 (midnight) SAST
1.28) Deliberately killing a player with a vehicle outside a PvP zone is not allowed
1.29) Forcing a player against his/her will into a PvP zoned area is not permitted
1.30) No strafing (Entering and Exiting) and shooting in and out of PvP zones to gain an advantage

Raiding: (Stealing)
2.1) When base members are visibly active in their territory that you are not part of, you are not allowed to steal any items, including vehicles
2.2) Dismantling of any structure not part of your territory is not allowed (Helipads, Greenhouses, Fences etc)
2.3) Stealing of loot inside a base is allowed if you can get free-entry into the base (Note rule 2.1)
2.4) Stealing is allowed any time of the day/night
2.5) Items/doors/containers that can be fitted with a electronic codelock can't be raided using any tools
2.6) Vehicles may be locked picked/stolen/retrieved inside a base territory if there are no visible base members
2.7) Admins will not reveal the identity of the thieves
2.8) You are not allowed to log out in another territory you are not part of.
2.9) If you can't exit a base, suicide is allowed but on the condition you are not allowed to raid/steal any items in the base
2.10) You may only return to the same base 2 days (real life) after you have raided/stolen items from it
2.11) Vehicles' locks can be removed with a screwdriver once lockpicked and assigned a new key
2.12) Handcuffing/robbing/restraining a player's character is permissible only within designated PvP zones
2.13) Gravecross (dead player) can be looted at any location
2.14) Territory (Base owners) still have the responsibility to lock/close their doors to prevent free entry
2.15) Doors/Items/Containers fitted with combination or no locks can be raided (use electronic codelocks for extra security)
2.16) Entering the wrong code in a electronic codelock will deliver 50% damage to your character's health

Base Building Rules:
3.1) You must create and claim a territory (Territory Flag Kit) to start building
3.2) Max 20 Door/Hatch/Gates COMBINED
3.5) Deerisle Server: 2 (two) Bases MAX per player/group (spaced 5000m+ apart) with a +-60m territory size. (Limited to 1 Parking Meter Allowed)
Chernarus Server: 1 (one) Base MAX per player/group with a +-60m territory size.
3.4) Base Flags must be kept raised; if not, your base/territory will despawn when the flag reaches the bottom, flags will descend from top to bottom in 14 days.
3.5) No building on a dynamic event, within 300m of a Military or Trader location (if uncertain, please create-a-ticket)
3.6) Items not covered by the flag symbol will despawn
3.7) You are allowed to build in any building or build your own base as long as it does not conflict with rule 3.5 or if the server has indicated it as a no-build zone.
3.8) Make sure you build your base secure, in such a way that other players can't raid/steal your items. (Test and close any gaps that can be used to get access into your base)
3.9) To reallocate territory, place your new territory flag at the new location, then lower and fold the old territory flag at the old location.
3.10) Lowering the flag of another territory that does not belong to you is not allowed.
3.11) Max of 6 players/members per territory/group allowed
3.12) Be cautious, and do not trust/share any of your base codes with individuals not part of your group, if shared other players can use this information to gain unrestricted access to your base and steal your items. (Its considered as free entry then)
3.13) Not building on solid ground might cause items to fall through floors or glitch.

Vehicle Rules:
4.1) You have a limit of 8 vehicles you or your group may own at a time per base location
4.2) No more than two parked outside a base, if you own more than two vehicles buy a Virtual Garage to store them
4.3) Vehicles may get stolen at any location (excl safezone) if it's unlocked/lockpicked or in an unsecured accessible Virtual Garage (Parking Meter)
4.4) There is a 30% chance of successfully lockpicking a vehicle
4.5) You agree that driving/flying/storing a vehicle is at your own risk
4.6) Vehicles entering the SAFEZONE (General Trader) will incur fines after 60 minutes entering the zone. The parking area is exclusively for trader visits and is not for vehicle storage. Parking is at your own risk; no compensation will be given for lost loot, vehicles, or fines. Vehicles left in the Safezone will be automatically deleted after 6 hours
4.7) Deerisle Server: The Temple Island (bottom left of map) is a no-fly zone area; any helicopter attempting to land or enter will be immobilized and removed automatically
4.8) Any vehicles bought from the P2P trader will receive a unique key already linked to the vehicle
4.9) When selling a vehicle on the P2P market, leave all the key(s) of the vehicle inside its inventory before listing
4.10) In the event that you lost your vehicle keys, you have to lockpick/change the lock and buy a new key for the vehicle
4.11) You are not allowed to 'push' another player's vehicle at any location without their consent
4.12) Spawn vehicles (Cars/Helis) must have all their attachments fitted before claiming. Pushing a vehicle off the spawn location is also not allowed
4.13) [Deerilse server] Virtual Garage/Parking Meter: Retrieval of a stored vehicle is restricted to the player who originally stored it

PvP Zones: (Red circles on map)
5.1) All team members participating in the PvP encounter must be within the PvP zone during the engagement
5.2) You are not allowed to camp the perimeter of a PvP zone while still in a PvE zone to gain an unfair advantage
5.3) Camping inside a PvP zone will be allowed
5.4) No callouts from outside the zone for teammates inside the zone or for those entering the zone, including spotting players from a helicopter
5.5) If you encounter combat in a PvP zone, you have the choice to stay and fight within the PvP zone or leave the area and not return for 30 minutes
5.6) Players who are killed in a PvP area may return to the area immediately to continue the battle
5.7) No shooting into a PvP zone from a PvE area is permitted
5.8) Landmines or traps may be placed inside a PvP zone
5.9) 1PP mode will be enabled/enforced during official server PvP events in zones
5.10) Heli crash sites will not be marked on the map, but will be a PvP zoned area
5.11) Team members not wishing to participate in a PvP encounter must leave the area

Server Bans:
Server bans are issued towards a player when determined to be guilty in violating server rules to protect other players/community on our servers.
Temporary server bans:
First offense: 24 hours
Second offense: 7 days
Multiple offenses/Disrespecting admins:
Permanent ban
Bans issued will be valid across all Respawned ZA servers. Should you wish to appeal, please log a ticket with a valid reason/proof.

In Game Name:
The in-game name 'Survivor' will not be allowed to join the server. Please update/add an in-game name for your character in your launcher preferences before joining the Respawned ZA Server
The use of any profanity or offensive language in your game/profile name is prohibited

In Game Chat:
Please avoid using swear words in the game chat (Auto-kick/ban will be issued depending on the severity)
The in-game chat is provided for general communication purposes
It's at the discretion of other players whether to respond or not

When participating in Respawned ZA servers, you acknowledge your agreement to our rules and grant consent to both ourselves and fellow players to record/stream you. When deemed necessary, we may utilize such media at our discretion. The rules of Respawned ZA DayZ Server are subject to modification or editing at any time. Admins and the Owner retain the right to address situations on a case-by-case basis