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Welcome our Pripyat Private PvE Only Server information page

Immerse yourself in the world of DayZ without the fear of losing your loot to other players on our Private PvE server.

No PvP, No Stealing, No Raiding

Play at your own pace, build your dream base, loot-up and visit the traders and embark on your DayZ adventures.
Beware of the challenges...


Do I need to pay anything and why?

Yes, our didicated private server is a paid subscription service designed for DayZ players who prefer a PvE-only type environment with a lower population and no PvP combat.

We provide a 30-day subscription option, which can be renewed every 30 days as needed.
30 Days for R75.00 per player

Prior to subscribing, kindly search for 'Respawned ZA - [Pripyat] PvE Only (' in your launcher and ensure that all associated mods are downloaded/installed. Join the server after downloading the mods to confirm/verify your client's connection to the server.
Once you received the "Subscribe" dialog in game, please return to this page and follow the subscribe procedure next.

To subscribe, simply visit our payment page directly.
Specify the subscription amount eg: (R75.00) per player for 30 days and include your Dayz in-game/profile name(s) as the reference:
Once we received and verify your payment/in-game name, we will send you an email to confirm access.
Please make sure to specify the correct amount/email and in-game name when doing the online payment method for quicker processing of your order. Thank you

What happens when I join?

Once payment has been made, we will start processing your subscription. Keep an eye on your emails for updates; we promise to activate it as soon as possible. If you still cant join the server after 6 hours since you subscribed, please join our discord and log a ticket, or send an email to for futher assitance.

Is this server exclusively for PvE gameplay?

Yes, there is no PvP (person vs person) combat allowed.
The private server also has a no base raiding and no stealing policy. Your loot, your vehicles...
The only enemies you will encounter will be non-player entities (Zombies, AI Bots, Animals and creatures).

Which Dayz Map are we running on the private server, and is it different from our public servers?

Our private server is currently running the Pripyat map with all of its exciting places to visit and experience,

Can I join this server on my console (Xbox/Playstation)?

No, this server is only designed for PC users as it contains mods that are not compatible with a console and will not be accessible to the console user.

What happens when my subscription expires?

If you don't purchase another subscription before your current one expires, your access to the server will be revoked. However, your character and base will remain on the server for 14 days, allowing you to continue if you wish to extend your subscription before then.

Will I receive a notification when my subscription ends?

No, but when your subscription expires, you will be presented with Subscribe dialog when trying to join the server.

How do I access the private server after registration?

Open your favorite Dayz Launcher and search for: "Respawned ZA - [Pripyat] PvE Only ("

Why must I provide an email address?

This is to send you any communications that we might have in regards to your subscription. We will not spam or disclose your email address to any other party.

I have already played on Respawned ZA's public servers. Can my character/loot/base be transferred to the private server?

No, the character/loot/base on the public and private servers are not linked and cannot be transferred. When you join the private server, you will start with a fresh character.

Can I join as a Solo player?

Yes, the choice is yours. You can play alone or be part of a team.

Are there traders or markets on the map?

Yes, there are traders placed across the map.

Must I still follow the server rules?

Yes, you are required to follow the server rules to ensure the protection of the server and players.

Must I protect my belongings?

Yes, rather keep it safe. Make sure your valueble loot and base/vehicles is still locked.

Are there server wipes on the private server?

Yes, depending on the server state, server wipes will be executed every approx 3 months to preserve and refresh the server's health.

General Rules

1.1) No Hacking/Glitching/Duping/Cheating/Exploiting to gain an unfair advantage

1.2) Personal abuse, obscene, harassing, threatening, hateful, discriminatory or defamatory remarks of any nature wont be tolerated. This includes racial, sexual, homophobic or cultural slurs, even in the context of a joke/meme

1.3) Impersonating Mod, Admins, Owner, Staff (Don't pickup ANY Admin gear, inform us if found)

1.4) If something don't belong to you, don't take it. (Loot/Vehicles)

1.5) Using another account to bypass a previous server ban.

1.6) Deliberately creating toxic situations or debates in order to undermine other players or the staff is not acceptable

1.7) Do not leave items behind in safezone you want to keep, including vehicles, storage etc. (Cleanups automatically)

1.8) Respect other players, and admins.

1.9) Do not lower another player's territory flag, it will be considered as toxic.

1.10) No Loot cycling allowed (give everyone else a chance)

1.11) For support, please make-a-ticket.

1.12) Should your character die due to a game glitch and your old body (gravecross) is not found, we cannot reimburse or compensate your items

1.13) If your character died in water we cannot recover your gravecross/vehicle or loot.

1.14) Lost/Damaged/Ruined vehicles/heli's will not be reimbursed/replaced/compensated (including ANY loot content it may have had) [Vehicles may still take damage]

1.15) No raiding allowed, (destroying/dismantling any base item)

1.16) No Stealing allowed (you must still lock your base/vehicles)

1.17) No PvP allowed (Killing of another player)

1.18) Server admins/owners are allowed to play on this server but will not participate in any events.

1.19) Your in-game profile name must not be "SURVIVOR", please set up your profile name in your Dayz launcher prior to joining the private server

1.20) Do not exploit the trader system, report issues. (rule 1.1)

Building/Base Rules

2.1) You must create a territory or be part (Territory Flag Kit) to start building

2.2) Max 35 Door/Hatch/Gates COMBINED [Walls, Floors, Windows, Roofs, etc. are excluded from this rule]

2.3) You may not enter/take anything from another base if not authorized by the base owner.

2.4) Limited to 1 Base/Flagpole per single player/group with a +-100m territory size per base/flag.

2.5) Base Flags must be kept raised, if not your base will despawn in 14 days.

2.6) No building on dynamic events or within 400m of a Military or Trader location.

2.7) Items not covered by the flag symbol will despawn.

2.8) If a base is unlocked, you are NOT allowed to enter or take ANY loot without the base owner's consent.

2.9) If you want to reallocate your base(s), make sure to FOLD your old flagpole. (once lowered)

2.10) You are not allowed to take anything from another base that is in the process of despawning.

Vehicles (Heli's/Cars)

3.1) You don't have a limit on how many vehicles you may own, or your group can own.

3.2) Vehicles are not allowed to be stolen at any place, if the vehicle is not yours, leave it alone. (You can only buy a vehicle, vehicles don't spawn on the map)

3.3) Store your unused vehicles in a virtual garage (buy a virtual garage from the trader)

3.4) The server does have a no vehicle damage mod, however, this does not guarantee your vehicle safety. Fly/Drive carefully, as you drive/fly at your own risk

Server Wipes

Server wipes every 3 months or when a major game version update is released and wipe recommended by Bohemia Interactive.